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How much does it cost to replace soffit &/or facia?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

On average you can expect to pay between $17.00 & $30.00 a linear foot to replace soffit. Similarly you should expect to pay between $18.00 & $25.00 a linear foot to replace facia. Your actual costs will vary depending on many different factors, such as, The size of your home, the type of materials used, the height & access of your soffit & facia, the style of product you select, the location of your home, the amount of visible &/or unseen damages to your soffit &/or facia, plus many other factors.

The average cost to replace soffit on an entire home is around $2505.00 & the average cost to replace facia on an entire home is $1750.00. Older homes that have never had any soffit &/or facia can cost substantially more. Expect to pay on average an additional $700.00 to $2200.00 for homes that have never had soffit &/or facia installed.

In many cases, such as after a big storm, it may make since to only replace a small portion (only the damaged or missing area) of your soffit &/or facia. Smaller repairs can be substantially cheaper than a whole house replacement. Expect to pay a minimum of $300.00 to replace a few pieces of soffit &/or facia after a storm or because of rodent &/or pest damage, with a maximum of a thousand dollars or so.

Whether you're replacing just a few pieces of your soffit &/or facia or your entire home, no matter if it's wood, metal or composite The Soffit King is ready to tackle any project at any size. Give us a call or fill out our form on our website- Soffit & Facia Repairs Construction | The Soffit King

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